Stay off the Ice

Authorities say that ice conditions across the north are unsafe and deteriorating. Meanwhile the warmer temperatures in North Bay are causing ice levels to thin out. The North Bay Fire department has once again issued a warning after a local man was pulled out of the Lavase River yesterday morning. Deputy Chief Greg Saunders says he doesn’t know how the message can be more clear.

Authorities from across the North are telling residence to stay off the ice.

In addition three individuals have gone through the ice in the North. All three were in the Manitoulin Island Area during the weekend. The first incident happened when a four-wheeler went into the water off Deacon’s Point in the North Channel. One of the passengers was able to pull themselves to safety, the other needed assistance from a volunteer firefighter. The third person, went through the ice on a recreation vehicle on Lake Manitou about a mile-and-a-half from shore. Police are reminding residence to staff off the ice.