6 stories keeping you “in the know” for Tuesday March 13

Highway 537 near creek getting attention

A stretch of highway in Greater Sudbury, often closed for flooding, is getting a refit. Meetings will be held by the Ministry of Transportation to discuss the one-kilometer section of Highway 537 at Jumbo Creek. A provincially-maintained roadway, the province announced plans two years ago to fix the area by 2020.


OPP busy over the month of February

OPP in the city of North Bay were busy over the month of February. Above and beyond 1,000 hours of road patrol, just under 500 calls for service came in, including 8 Impaired Driving Incidents and 51 Motor Vehicle Collisions. Drivers are reminded that the OPP are out in full force this week, as a distracted driving campaign is ongoing.


Timmins pump station malfunction

Public Utilities in Timmins is looking into an incident last week, regarding a somewhat high-jacked pump at a pumping station. It all began in during the second half of last week, when a malfunction at pumping station five, began pumping raw sewage into Porcupine Lake. A build-up of grease and other items being thrown into the system is thought to be responsible.


Homelessness taken on in Sault Ste. Marie

Efforts to end homelessness in Sault Ste. Marie have taken another step forward. The Soo’s District Social Services has joined the 20,000 Homes Campaign aims to permanently house 20,000 of Canada’s most vulnerable. The campaign was inspired by the 100,000 Homes Campaign in the United States and has a target date of homeless July 1, 2020.


Opponents to Kingsway releasing reports today

Opponents of the new community arena and casino on the Kingsway will have their say in the news conference this morning, slated to release an economic impact study. The report, slated to be an Economic and Financial Analysis, is being commissioned to gauge what the group says will be the effects of the project. The goal of the complex is to open in April of 2020.


Recent R.I.D.E. nets at least one

A number of Timmins residents facing charges after the most recent R.I.D.E. program traffic stop. Kate Catin is with Timmins Police and says that out of 124 vehicles stopped.

Police say that drinking and driving is a crime in Progress and should be called in, through 9.1.1.