6 stories keeping you “in the know” for today, May 16

Jerry O’Connell returns to North Bay for Carter Screening

The film and TV industry got another boost yesterday in Northern Ontario. Actor Jerry O’Connell was back in North Bay, for the premiere screening of his new television series Carter, shot almost exclusively in North Bay last summer. Jerry told us last night, it’s a special time in his career… and that it’s fun working in the Gateway City.

O’Connell is open about how much he loves North Bay and plans to be back for the filming of future seasons.


Park receives pedestrian crossover

Junction Creek Waterway Park in Greater Sudbury has another link. This is in the form of a pedestrian crossing on Regent Street near Greater Sudbury Utilities. The link is in place after members of the operations committee voted this week in favour, with the overall goal of aiming to create a linear, walk able park along the full 18-kilometre length of Junction Creek, from Maley Drive in the northeast section of Greater Sudbury to Kelly Lake.


80k raised for Nipissing Serenity Hospice

Close to 400 people took to hiking themselves this past week, in the Hike for Hospice. The numbers are in and the event held at Laurier Woods Conservation Area has raised $80,00 for the Nipissing Serenity Hospice. Organizers say that the number of participants at this year’s 3rd annual Hike for Hospice event is up 13% per cent over the previous year.


Fire department approved for naloxone kits

Fire Departments in Prince Township in Sault Ste. Marie will now carry naloxone kits. This is following a request from Chief Ed Haley, approved by city council. The naloxone will be for the protection of volunteer firefighters and first responders, who may come in contact with opioid drugs while responding to motor vehicle accidents or medical emergencies.


Dome will be ready for 2019

A soccer dome, named in honour of former city councillor Fabio Belli, could be built as early as next January. While some on the Fabio Belli Foundation admit to city council the time line is “aggressive”, they’re confident it will be ready by then. The dome will be 94,000 square feet, with three smaller soccer fields that can be converted into one.
The province has committed $4 million to this project.


Faulty “O ring” blamed for Chlorine Leake

A faulty “O ring” in a feed system is being blamed for chlorine gas leak in North Bay. The incident closed Memorial Drive for a couple of hours this week. The leak was contained within the building and did not pose a threat to the public.