6 fires continue to burn in the North East

Six active wildfires remain burning in the region, plenty of caution is being given out to those camping this weekend or having a backyard fire this weekend.

Currently, Timmins 10 is under control at 0.8 of a hectare and is located northwest of Timmins.

o Timmins 11 is under control at 0.1 of a hectare. This fire is also located northwest of Timmins
o Sudbury 31 is being held at 0.8 of a hectare and is located northeast of Whiskey Lake.
o Sudbury 32 is under control at 1 hectare. This fire is located east of Serpent River near Clear Lake.
o Algonquin Park 7 is under control at 0.2 of a hectare and is located near Grand Lake.
o Cochrane 10 measures 74 hectares and is being observed, approximately 100 kilometres southeast of Moose Factory.
• The forest fire hazard ranges from low to moderate across the region.
• For up to date forest fire hazard conditions in your area, see the interactive fire map at Ontario.ca/forestfires.

Adopt safe campfire practices! Choose the site of your campfire carefully and keep your fire small. Stay nearby: never leave it unattended. Put your fire out by drowning it with water. Be sure that it is extinguished prior to leaving the site. Stir the ashes with a stick to uncover hot coals and then drown it again. You can never be too safe.

More details on outdoor burning regulations can be found online at Ontario.ca/forestfire