6 stories to start your week on this Monday, July 12

Watch for Shopping Cart “Pick Pocketers” – Sudbury OPP

Fresh into the workweek and Sudbury police are warning shoppers to be careful. This is after a recent string of thefts at Sudbury’s south end Wal-Mart. Evidently, a number of older adults have been approached while loading groceries into their vehicles. The would-be thief distracts the victim by asking for directions, while another stole the wallet from her purse which was sitting in a shopping cart.

One theft resulted in $5,000 worth of fraudulent transactions on an account. On a separate occasion, two males approached a victim asking for directions, and while covering the victim’s purse with a map, stole her bank cards. This incident resulted in over $10,000 of fraudulent charges.


PUC getting good reviews on Smart Grid

Sault Ste. Marie’s new smart grid project is getting good reviews. Hailed as a transformative project for the city, the smart grid project (Run by PUC Distribution Inc) is in development now and will lower the cost of generating and distributing power to customers. The entire project cost about $34 million.

Its believed that in the next 10-years, there will be more demand for electric vehicle hookups, roof-top solar energy and other new technology and the smart grid system will help the city move forward with that modernization.


Investigation still ongoing after cyclist struck

North Bay Police have not said if charges will be laid on a motorist who struck a cyclist. It happened at the intersection of Wyld Street and McIntyre Street. The cyclist has been taken to hospital with undetermined injuries. No cause has been determined and charges have not been laid as the investigation is still ongoing.  It took place at around 10:30 am on Friday.


6 fires burning in the North East Region

Six active wildland fires in the region including two in Timmins. Timmins 10 is under control at 0.8 of a hectare and is located northwest of the city. Timmins 11 is under control at 0.1 of a hectare, also in the northwest.

In addition, a fire continues to burn in Algonquin Park. Algonquin Park 7 is under control at 0.2 of a hectare and is located near Grand Lake. Elsewhere, Sudbury 31 is being held at 0.8 of a hectare and is located northeast of Whiskey Lake. Sudbury 32 is under control at one hectare. This fire is located east of Serpent River near Clear Lake.


Sudbury’s Unemployment falls to 5%

Greater Sudbury’s unemployment rate fell to 5 per cent over the course of July. StatsCan says the jobless rate dropped from 5.3 per cent in June, even though the city actually shed about 500 jobs but that was more than offset by a drop in the size of the labour force. The Labour Force is the number of people looking for work. StatsCan calculates the rate by comparing the number of people working with the number of people looking for a job.


“Wheels to the Water” Unveiled in North Bay

Marathon Beach was the site of an unveiling in North Bay. The Wheels to the Water sign was uncovered for the city’s new beach accessibility mat. Named in Adam “Wheels” Miller’s honour who died in 2016, the mat allows those using wheelchairs, or who have other mobility issues, to access Lake Nipissing from the beach.

Miller, who was born with spina bifida and confined to a wheelchair, served as a member of the city’s municipal accessibility advisory committee and had pushed for a beach mat in North Bay for a number of years. He was known for organizing local wrestling events to raise money for Special Olympics through his business, Miller Promotions and Event Planning. Miller died three years ago at the North Bay Regional Health Centre at the age of 36.



Swimming advisories posted on Manitoulin Island

Public Health Sudbury and District have issued more swimming advisories for beach goers. This time at Kagawong Village Beach and Providence Bay Beach. This is as a result of routine water samples exceeding the acceptable bacteriological water quality standards. There is no word as to when they will reopen.

According to a press release issued Saturday, swimming advisories have been posted to inform the public that the beach water is not suitable for recreational use at this time.