6 stories for today, Friday July 31

Schools back September 8th

Most regions in Ontario including Sudbury, North Bay, Timmins, and Sault Ste Marie will see students return to school full-time five days per week in September. The premier spoke to Ontarians yesterday and explains in part, the plan parents can expect when the bell rings on September 8th.

Kids in kindergarten to Grade 3 will be encouraged, but not required. Extracurricular activities and clubs will still be permitted, as long as social distancing and disinfection protocols are followed. For more, click here.


HSN reintroducing visitor restrictions in the ER

HSN in Greater Sudbury has reintroduced visitor restrictions for its ER. Patient volumes in the hospital’s Emergency Department are on the rise…making it extremely difficult to maintain physical distancing. No visitors/care partners are allowed at HSN’s Emergency Department until further notice, except where circumstances require special consideration.


Cineplex reopening this weekend in Sudbury

Ahead of the long weekend and North Bay theatre remains closed in during the Cineplex reopening. Cineplex is opened 25 theatres and entertainment venues across the province this week. North Bay did not make the list. SilverCity Sudbury Cinemas is the only Northern Ontario theatre to open… and they reopen today.


Youth spotted “Trespassing” on defunct mining properties

Timmins Police have responded to trespassers on old mine sites in Timmins. According to Police, those involved are youth. Calls have come in regarding defunct mining properties off of Vipond Road and Goldmine Road. In addition to the activity being illegal, there are also safety risks.


OEB warning of scams, messages contain COVID-19 warning

The Ontario Energy Board is warning consumers to beware of another scam. That includes messages with COVID-19 in the subject line and even phone calls. Those involved claim to be from local hydro companies. North Bay Hydro reported last week customers were receiving calls about servicing their hot water tanks.


David Ramsey, long time MPP passes away

David Ramsay, a long-time MPP and former Minister of Natural Resources, has died. Ramsay, who represented Timiskaming and later Timiskaming-Cochrane, held various cabinet positions. Ramsay was first elected in 1985 and served until 2011. David Ramsay was 72.