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So many of us find ourselves longing for things to slow down. We search for places of peace and serenity, where we can see more clearly, feel undistracted and leave behind the hustle and bustle of the world. We long to quiet ourselves and clear our thoughts, but this can seem so often like an endless search.
And we ASK the question “Does such a place exist?”
And we SEEK, wondering if anyone can show us the way.
And we KNOCK on so many doors hoping one will open.
God’s original plan was that I would live with him in a garden, a place of perfect peace. A place to walk with my creator enjoying each others company. Living in perfect undistracted harmony, but sin separated us from our intended home the very place where his presence filled every space, where our souls could rest content in the arms of the one who made us. But the most beautiful news is that God sent his one and only son Jesus to die for my sins and for your sins so that we could return to our heavenly Father.
He wants you to know that YES such a place of peace and rest does exist. He is the only one who can show you the way because he is the way. He is the door and when you knock, seeking him with all your heart, he will open it wide and welcome you – his beloved child, back to the garden, the place where you can hear the voice of your Father saying “Welcome home, I’ve been waiting”.
It’s only in him that you will find what you are searching for. Today and throughout your week as you find yourself looking for an escape and a place to unwind, run to your Father. He is a strong and mighty tower. He is our prince of peace. He will carry you, sing over you and fill you with so much love you won’t be able to contain it.
Together, let’s head back to the garden.


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