He Gently Leads

God’s word is so full of love and hope and encouragement. And for Mom’s who are raising children, the word of God is a beacon drawing us close to the one who can sustain us and carry us every second of every day.

In Hebrews 4:12 it says, “the word of God is living and active” well, there is one verse in particular that has brought me life as a Mom many times over the years. Isaiah 41:10 says “He will tend his flock like a shepherd; he will gather the lambs in his arms; he will carry them in his bosom, and gently lead those that have young.”

My God, the all-powerful creator, who with one word spoke the sun and the moon and the stars into existence, who set the planets in motion, that same God; sees me and gathers me in his arms and carries me as I gather my children.. and anything else I may be carrying.

This verse has had so much meaning on my journey so far as a Mom, and I want to bring to light three words that regularly come to mind and have kind of wrapped themselves around my heart. They are “HE GENTLY LEADS”.

I think one of the most beautiful truths that we can learn from the first of those three words “HE”, is that we are not alone. “HE” in this verse refers to our loving heavenly Father as a shepherd, one who protects us, who never leaves us, who makes sure we have everything we need, and who gathers us into his arms and carries us when we are weak, and who forever has his watchful eye upon us.

The next word “GENTLY” allows me to not be so hard on myself and to realize I’m not perfect, that I’ll make mistakes, but that His mercies are new every morning. Sleepless nights and challenging days can cause my heart, my mind and my soul to feel so fragile at times, but my faithful Shepherd is watching over me, gently reminding me that he loves me and he is not disappointed or expecting me to get everything right. Instead, he whispers words of reassurance, picking me up, holding me and helping me when I’ve fumbled and fallen, to have courage to not give up, giving me strength to stand again.

The last word is “LEADS”. What a gift every Mom has been given. The gentle Shepherd, doesn’t just know me and love me but he is the light of the world and each day he leads me and guides me. When I need his council and His wisdom he gives it generously. When I call out to him, he answers me and gives me direction. When I feel unsure and I doubt my abilities, he leads me to the truth, that I belong to him, and that with his help I can be all that he has created me to be.

When I read this verse, I have such a precious picture of My heavenly Father holding me in his arms while I am holding my children in my arms. I pray that this verse will also bring you comfort and peace as it has for me. Always stay dependent on your heavenly Father as a sheep would it’s shepherd. Keep leaning on him. I promise He won’t fall under the weight of your pressing in. He is strong enough to carry it all.

So, I pray you will hide that verse in your heart and remember how loved and cared for you are. And that if you ever feel weak alone or afraid, He, The Gentle loving shepherd will pick you up and carry you in his arms, and He will lead you and guide you every step of the way.